Coffee Tasting

Discover the endless flavor notes of coffee during this traditional coffee cupping experience.  Increase your coffee knowledge by joining our Chief Taster in sampling coffees from around the world during this fun and engaging experience. 



Each guest will receive a tasting box which includes; three 4 oz bags of coffee, labelled A, B and C (Ground or Whole bean). One third wave water mineral supplement sachet, one cupping spoon, one SCA Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel, one coffee tasting form, brewing instruction sheet, chief taster host and standard US shipping.

Additional information

How It Works

Experiences are priced per person and are curated specifically for the occasion.
During this Coffee Tasting experience your Chief Taster will guide you through:
-Basic information about coffee, such as species, variety and defining specialty vs non specialty coffee.
-What leads to variations in flavor from variety, origin to processing methods.
-How we objectively score a coffee’s flavor – the Flavor Wheel and the Score sheet
-How to taste! Taste, texture and aroma.
-Brew and taste the coffees together, while talking to where each flavor is coming from, and what we enjoy or don’t enjoy about each coffee.
-Information about each coffee, how it was produced and the producer we worked with.
-An invitation including a private Zoom link will be sent out seven days prior to the event date.

*Important note: A gallon of distilled water is recommended for this experience.

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