WellnessMatcha Green Tea Ritual

Matcha Green Tea Ritual

YAY Concierge invites you to learn the art of brewing matcha in an interactive virtual tea party with our exclusive tea partner. Matcha is an elegant and inviting tea and offers up many health benefits along with a lush palate of refreshing grassy taste that leaves behind a deep, lingering finish. Expand your horizons with an experience for both tea-lovers and new tea-drinkers alike.



Of the thousands of teas in existence, there’s nothing quite like matcha green tea: that smooth, delicious flavor, the rich texture, and all those wonderful health benefits. Learn from a master tea blender, from our exclusive tea partner, to break down everything you need to know about matcha green tea. We’ll cover the history, culture, health benefits, and preparation of matcha green tea, so you can enjoy this delicacy like never before. After this guide, you’ll never see matcha green tea the same way again.

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How It Works

This hour long experience is priced per person and curated specifically for the occasion. Each guest will receive a ceremonial matcha kit and matcha tea to guide you on your ultimate brewing experience. An invitation including a private Zoom link will be sent out seven days prior to the event date.

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