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Wine & Spirits

Whether you’re an enthusiast or a novice – our engaging experts will lead you on a virtual journey discovering the world's most sought after spirits.

Cocktail Mixology

Artfully design cocktails and learn the tipsy history of your alcohol of choice in a mixologist-led experience that transforms your living room into an energetic cocktail lounge.

Bourbon Tasting

Join your Whiskey Guardian for an interactive hour exploring taste profiles, rich aromas, and crafting classic cocktails with one of America's favorite spirit, bourbon.

Wine Pairing

Immerse yourself in an engaging sommelier-led journey through the world's most sought after wine regions as you sip and savour bites of expert food pairings that enhance the flavor profiles.

Mezcal & Tequila Tasting

Stir, shake and pour in an energetic experience exploring Mexico's world renowned spirits, growing in popularity on cocktail menus around the globe.

Design & Living

Discover the art of new rituals or reimagine how you gather around the table with YAY Concierge experiences focused on enhancing the way you live.

Coffee Tasting

Increase your knowledge by joining our chief taster in sampling coffees from around the world and unlocking the secret to brewing the perfect cup.

Mozzarella Pulling

This stretch-along journey to create fresh mozzarella will have you enjoying delicious mozzarella with a rich, creamy texture sure to impress.

Matcha Tea Ritual

Expand your matcha green tea horizons in an immersive virtual tea party gathering both tea-lovers and new tea-drinkers alike.

Tea & Terrarium Design

Carefully assemble this exotic mini greenhouse while sipping herbal teas sure to delight. This experience is intended to relax the mind and fuel the soul.

Personal Chef

Embark on a flavor-packed culinary journey preparing a savory dish with fresh ingredients and expert cooking techniques in this 1:1 cooking experience with a distinguished personal chef.

Charcuterie Board Design

Mesmerize your guests with an expertly curated charcuterie board, loaded with fresh ingredients, by learning from our skilled culinary maestros.

Fondue Experience

Discover the savory nature of the selected cheeses behind your fondue and perfectly-curate sides to enjoy during your experience.

Cookie Decorating

The alluring aromas of freshly baked cookies will draw guests to your kitchen. Learn the art of decorating delightful desserts that will be the icing on your next gathering!

Chocolate Tasting

Slowly savor the natural flavors of craft chocolate as you journey around the world discovering how this favorite treat is transformed from bean-to-bonbon.

Cheese Tasting

Sharpen your cheese knowledge with the expert guidance of our Cheese Mongers and show your new skills at the next gathering.

Homemade Jam Experience

Learn the art of artisanal jams from our jam expert and make gathering around the table this season a delicious feast.

Curate a Custom Experience

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