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Mozzarella Pulling

This stretch-along journey to create fresh mozzarella will have you enjoying delicious mozzarella with a rich, creamy texture sure to impress.



Join YAY Concierge on a stretch-along journey to Italy’s traditional style to pulling fresh mozzarella. In this interactive experience you’ll learn how to hand make warm, rich and creamy mozzarella using cheeses naturally cultured by family-owned dairy farms.  

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How It Works

Experiences are priced per person and are curated specifically for the occasion. During this hour long chef-led interactive experience, you will learn how to pull and stretch your very own warm, rich and creamy fresh mozzarella.

This experience includes:
-1 lb. cultured mozzarella curd, shipped frozen.
-Expert guidance by cheesemakers trained in Italy in the traditional mozzarella pulling style.
-You will be stretching the same cheese curds that are used to make mozzarella and burrata in some of the best restaurants and pizzerias in the country.
-A detailed manifesto with instructions on how to best enjoy the experience. invitation including a private Zoom link will be sent out seven days prior to the event date.

*Important note: Kosher salt is required for this experience.

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